Imagen artista biografía

The landscapes of Ricard Chiang (Barcelona, 1966) exert an attraction which probably comes from the light that seems to emanate from the paintings, a luminosity which comes from the technique itself. The surface is covered with thin sheets of burnished silver whose imperfections reflect iridescent nuances and which have, at the same time, the intensity of worked painting. These backgrounds are transformed into light, sometimes of the sky, sometimes brilliant reflections of bodies of water, in that fleeting instant of transition between the last moments of dusk and the dark shadows of night, during which light has no known origin. From this light plant-like forms emerge, magical enclaves, supernatural and fantastic, recreations of a mysterious nature which are disturbing and moving. Richard Chiang’s works are thresholds through which we enter that “dark side” which shelters the terrible and phantasmagorical.
He has taken part in fairs such as ARCO, ARTFAIR in Cologne (Germany) and Art LISBOA. His work was recognised from the very beginning of his career, having been awarded the Accésit al VIII Concurso internacional de pintura Fundación Barceló (Palma, 1998) and the First Prize of the Salón de Otoño de Plasencia awarded by Caja de Extremadura (2005). He has been working with Galería ASTARTÉ since 2002.