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Convocatoria Processroom 2015

Octubre 2015

La galería Astarté junto con el equipo de "Madridartprocess" anuncian a los ganadores de la 5ª edición de la convocatoria "Processroom"...


The Astarté Gallery was founded in 1994. Our aim is to consolidate contemporary artists that have developed a trajectory and, at the same time, to serve as a platform for young active creators within both the national and international artistic field. Since 2006 it occupies a new exhibiting space in order to be up to new challenges.

Together with these general features, Astarté also develops and supports a series of concrete lines of creation that give it its own specificity among which it should be pointed up its interest and reflection on those artistic manifestations more closely linked to purely spatial languages (sculpture, objects, installations, drawings and/or expanded photography, architecture projects, etc…) as well as - and in a parallel way- a determined bet on the ever vital and renewed plastic possibilities of abstraction.

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