Imagen artista biografía

The work of María Aranguren [Madrid, 1961] has always possessed a silent and peaceful atmosphere. With an – apparently – minimal repertory of visual elements it is able to transmit a maximum of visual intensity. Her painting is based on the suggestion of hidden meanings, whose traces are transmitted to us through the means of the exquisite treatment of surface and material, with their delicate and imperceptible lines and shapes. Lyricism supported by colour as an unmistakable sign. Paintings which generate serene and ordered spaces, with layers, washes and richly nuanced surfaces. In this pictorial space secret geometries and minimal grids bloom: traces which occasionally create a feeling of volume, which become blurred, deformed and mixed with marks and lines which form a whole in these symbolic landscapes. Her work has received awards on numerous occasions, including the “Premio de Pintura Caja Castilla la Mancha y Concurso de Adquisiciones”, 5th edition, 2002 and the “Premio BMW”, 2003.
She has been working with Galería ASTARTÉ since 1995.