Imagen artista biografía

Vicky Herreros (Madrid, 1964) investigates the visibility of spaces we barely perceive, with a translucent finish on the surface of the paintings which seems to come from the wave-like nature of light. Her paintings have a tranquillity and teach the viewer something rather beautiful based on the humility of the discourse. Its simple condition and its lightness even lead it to absorb the surrounding shadows. There are two fundamental spaces represented in Herreros’ paintings: a kind of window projected onto the floor, which are a figuration of light as much as shadow; and a misleading perspectivist image, which may look like a sphere, with its volume, or like a hollow or image of emptiness. The painter works on her canvases with an airbrush which provides them with that kind of visual anaesthesia that finally allows one to see past the limits of visibility.
She has exhibited her work in diverse countries: the United States, Austria, Germany and has received grants from Bulgaria, Italy, France and from Spain’s Casa de Velázquez. Her work has received many awards throughout her career, for example the Mención de Honor, I Premio Beca de Artes Plásticas de la Consejería de las Artes (CAM) (2003), and the Finalista Premio de Pintura del Senado (2003). She has been working with Galería ASTARTÉ since 1997.