Imagen artista biografía

Roberto Díez’s (León, 1955) best known work are his wood assemblages; three-dimensional collages built from thin planks which weave into each other, searching for volume and transparency, but with the inclusion of colour and form through line.
Volume is not treated in the traditional sculptural way, where fullness predominates; here the void delimits the forms and geometrises the space in which they are presented. The collages, for their part, are pieces of reality stuck to the work, compositional graphics full of colour, qualities and beautiful rhythms of balanced plasticity.
Both Díez’s new two-dimensional collages and his already known wood and paper assemblages are the result of the artist’s investigation into graphic texts used as constructive elements. He shows a way of working which is close to that of the Informalists of the last century and of a certain Constructivist echo which rescues mnemonic traces, values which insinuate tactility, interior places which function as small acts of memory (of recall and forgetfulness) which pick up some residue of what has passed through us.
He has worked with Galería ASTARTÉ since 1998.