Jorge Varas

Imagen artista biografía

In this first exhibition of Jorge Varas at Astarte, apart from his well known vertical sculptures, vaguely arquitectural, we can find works of the “Reflections” serie. These, as described in the catalogue by Francisco Carpio, are conceived as still lifes and/or structural landscapes, atavistic constructions in which far-off civilizations might have inhabited. There are also works from “the skin the life”responding to a different volume mechanics, in which what used to be vertical turns into-by space´s magic- something purely horizontal, like an esentially geometrical trace.
Wood is one of his more often used materials, but he also shows a serie of metal works (aluminum and brass). His drawings are like graphic preludes that already contain and disclose the spatial,formal and mental games in his works.
He has a BA degree in Fine Arts, department of Sculpture, and has been distinguished with several prizes along his career. His work is represented in a number of public as well as private collections, among them: Caja Madrid, Arte y Patrimonio, Caja Burgos, Fundación Colegio del Rey, Museo de Escultura al Aire Libre (Alcalá de Henares) and Wood Sculpture Museum of Maioli (Taiwan), Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas, and Diputación de Murcia. Among his more recent exhibitions, the noteworthy “Art and Wood”, in the Modern Art National Museum of Montevideo, Uruguay.